Mis favoritos este año en Outside Magazine

Me encanta la versión digital de la revista Outside. No todo, claro, pero me gustan muchos de los reportajes que aparecen, me gusta el formato de la web, me gustan las fotos, cómo cuentan lo que cuentan… y me gusta que de vez en cuando le dediquen espacio al mushing. Como fin de año acostumbra a ser tiempo de listas, he hecho una selección con los veinte artículos que más me han gustado este año en Outside.

Lance Mackey: The World’s Toughest Athlete. Jack London said that achieving greatness sometimes means burning white hot, even if there’s a price to be paid once the flame goes out. Josh Dean went to Alaska to hang with Lance Mackey, the toughest competitor in Iditarod history. He came away with a new understanding of resilience, bravery, and the iron bond between a musher and his dogs.

 Tracing the Steps of Lost Explorers in Miserable, Beautiful Siberia. There’s a reason exiles dreaded being packed off to Siberia. While retracing the path of a doomed 19th-century U.S. polar expedition in the Russian High Arctic, we encounter swarming mosquitoes, a few Kalashnikovs, an island lost in time, the burial site of ten brave men, and a haunting beauty like nothing we’ve ever seen.

– How One Wolf Charmed an Entire Town. What happens when a wolf comes to visit—and stays? A new book looks at the unlikely six-year friendship between a wild wolf and the people (and dogs) of Juneau, Alaska.

We don’t need no education. At least not of the traditional, compulsory, watch-the-clock-until-the-bell-rings kind. As a growing movement of unschoolers believe, a steady diet of standardized testing and indoor inactivity is choking the creativity right out of our kids. The alternative: set ‘em free.

– The Navy’s Deadly Obsession with WhalesThe true, tragic, and improbable love story between a handful of Navy scientists and the small cetaceans they believed held the keys to mastery of the oceans.

– What It Means to Really UnplugWe’re all familiar with digital detoxes, but one young man took it a step further. Many steps further in fact.

– SeaWorld’s Most Rewarding and Traumatic Job. The hours are long, and the work can be dangerous. But animal care workers, the unsung heroes devoted to the health of mammals at SeaWorld and other marine parks, have unrivaled access to the animals—and the challenges of captivity. Here, three former employees go on the record about their experiences.

– In the Spirit of Peter MatthiessenThere were stormy moments during the legendary author’s long relationship with Outside, but nobody was more influential in shaping our vision of what adventure writing could achieve.

 Reboot or Die Trying. A star political blogger for Grist.org, David Roberts spent so much time posting and Tweeting and staring at screens that he almost went nuts. So he pulled the plug for a year, restarting his relationship with technology and actively seeking health, balance, and adventure in the real world. What he learned just might save you from meltdown.

– Blood in the Sand: Killing a Turtle Advocate. Each spring on Costa Rica’s desolate Caribbean coast, endangered leatherback sea turtles come ashore at night to lay and hide their eggs. Poachers steal them for cash, and as Matthew Power reports, they’re willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.

 The Case for Going Uncivilized. In the half-century since the Wilderness Act was passed, almost everything has changed. All the more reason to go wild.

– America Needs a Playtime Intervention. Anxiety, depression, obesity—kids are increasingly becoming unhappy and unhealthy. But there is a pill-free solution: outdoor play.

 Leave Wilderness Alone. There are many threats to the 50-year-old Wilderness Act. But the most dangerous, Kenneth Brower says, comes from those who are chipping away at the very idea of wilderness itself.

– Does ‘The Wild Truth’ Tell the True Story of Chris McCandless? An explosive memoir by Carine McCandless provides new details about a toxic family environment that drove her brother to embark on the famous and fatal quest immortalized by Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild.

The Gear You Need to Race the Iditarod. In 2012, Brent Sass won Rookie of the Year at the Iditarod, one of the planet’s most extreme competitions. The dog musher, who’s run almost a dozen 1,000-mile races, knows the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. These are the items he deems worthy of going on his sled.

– The Incredible Journey of Gray Wolf OR-7. Last year, a lone wolf became the first to enter California in nearly a century. Now, with his own Twitter feed and a new mate, he’s kind of a big deal.

– FKT Up? Kilian Jornet’s Insane New Sport. With warp-speed ascents that include the Matterhorn (1:56) and Denali (9:43), ultrarunner turned alpinist Kilian Jornet Burgada is the king of the endurance world’s latest obsession: fastest known times. And now he plans to run up Everest. 

– Maya Gabeira Takes a BreathLast year in Nazaré, Portugal, the Brazilian surfer nearly drowned while trying to ride the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman. Most of the alpha males who dominate the sport say Gabeira doesn’t belong in their ranks, but nothing will stop her from going back in.

Bueno, y la pieza que hace veinte… en realidad es de finales de 2013… pero es el tipo de reportajes de Outside que, como el primero sobre Lance Mackey, ME ENCANTAN.

– The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem. Every year, scores of Into the Wild fans tackle a dangerous river crossing to visit the last home of Alaska’s most famous adventure casualty. Why are so many people willing to risk injury, and even death, to pay homage to a controversial ascetic who perished so young?



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